Why Titch


  Titch has been committed to servicing the contract and interior industry for close to a quarter of a century. We are located in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, and marketing in the Pacific Rim countries.

  We are an interior textile orientated company, dedicated to upgrading environments to reflect the latest design for offices, banks, cineplexes, hospitals, hotels/resorts, schools and even public transport vehicles like buses and ferry boats.

  Our approach is based on the principle of colors, textures and designs or combinations of these elements to enhance a productive atmosphere and quality of life, allowing better interaction with clients and visitors. Our wide selection also allows our customers to make personal statements with their design.

  From our commitment and ability, substantial inventory of a good variety is available to meet customers and market demands.

  Titch fabrics are constantly updated to ensure the latest in color and design to meet the changing trends and needs of interior designers and architects.

  With a dedicated and service-minded team, we are able to conscientiously promote and service our line of fabrics to the interior and contract market.

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